American Gyro AG-4 Crusader Photo Gallery
    Designed in 1933 by Thomas Miles Shelton, the Crusader AG-4 was created for the private aircraft market. It had a highly distinctive retro-future design featuring a teardrop-shaped passenger cabin flanked by twin boom-mounted. The wing were equipped with trailing edge flaps and 25 gallon fuel tanks were mounted in each wing root. Retractable landing gear was also tested on the model. It was powered by twin Menasco C4-2 piston engines supported by fixed landing gear. It was painted a copper colour and featured green leather upholstery. The AG-4 made its maiden flight at the Denver Airport in 1935, but the plane never went into production. Funded by stock issued in the Crusader Aircraft Corporation, a parent of American Gyro Company, the company was investigated for fraud in 1938 before the Crusader could enter production.

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Posted April 12, 2022.