Douglas DC-5 Photo Gallery
    Introduced in February of 1939, the Douglas DC-5 was designed to work as a short-haul feeder transport similar to the DC-3. Orders were placed by the original British Airways, KLM, Pennsylvania Central, Colombian airline SCADTA and military versions for the US Navy as R3D-1 and R3D-2 for the USMC. With the start of WW II, only five commercial DC-5s were built for KLM and seven as R3Ds. After Germany occupied the Netherlands, the DC-5s were transferred to KLM's West Indies Division. Three of the KLM planes eventually operated in Australia and were transferred to the USAAF as C-110s. The last three R3D-2s were operated by the USMC until 1946. The first flight was 20 February 1939. Total number built 12.

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Posted April 3, 2022. Updated May 7, 2023.