Bellanca Cruiseair Senior - (scan - 1997)

Bellanca did not receive any orders for his own aircraft before or during WWII and spent war years subcontracting to Fairchild and others. 1941, he developed Bellanca 14-12, but it sat on the shelf during the war. In the meantime, Franklin had developed 150 hp engine which was installed in the 14-13, a 4-place aircraft with empty weight of 1200 pounds and useful payload of 900 pounds; cruise speed 150 mph, quite remarkable for power available. Aircraft formally shown Nov 46 at National Air Show in Cleveland and enthusiastically received. Bellanca soon reported orders for 1300; however, all orders were not that firm and Bellanca quickly found he had overbuilt. Nevertheless, the airplane was highly regarded and reasonably priced at under $6,000. Produced in 4 models through 1949.

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