Farman "Sport", 1919 - (scan - 1996)

The Farman Sport was designed and built 1919 by Henry and Maurice Farman Brothers of Paris, France. In US, Wallace Kellett and C. T. Ludington formed Ludington Exhibition Company 1922 to promote sale of Farman aircraft and received their first aircraft, the Farman Sport, spring 23. Imported 10 or more 1923-4. Hired Robert P. Hewitt to fly it, and he remained with them many years. Their literature described Sport as follows:

"The "Sport-Farman" was produced by Messrs. H. and M. Farman in 1919 to meet the demand for a low priced, economical, safe airplane for sport and light commercial purposes, which, being especially constructed for these purposes, should show far greater efficiency than the old military machines, rapidly becoming obsolete for use in commercial and pleasure flying....The remarkable performance record and characteristics of this little 'plane, already flown thousands of miles, and perfected in every detail, prove it absolutely unique and alone in its class as the most practical airplane in existence today for the ex-army flier, the civilian pilot, the sportsman, the business man desiring recreation, the oil man, real estate man or miner. It can be used for passenger carrying, photographic work, taxi service, and any of the hundreds of other ways in which a small machine may be employed....No other airplane approaches its hitherto unheard-of flying qualities." It sold for $4,850 and carried the pilot and 1 passenger.

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