Hawker Hurrricane Mk. IIC - Before restoration (it looked pretty good!) (scan - 1984)

The Hurricane was the workhorse of the Battle of Britain. This one was a gift from the RAF. During restoration they take it apart to the last screw to clean and treat all parts for corrosion.

This project has been going for 5-6 years now. It is nearly finished, they said it should be complete before the opening of the new Dulles complex.

Until well into 1941, Hurricane by far most numerous RAF combat aircraft and bore brunt of early combat with Luftwaffe over France and UK. Designed by Sir Sydney Camm as Fury Monoplane, with Goshawk engine and spatted landing gear, was altered on drawing board to have more powerful PV-12 Merlin (and inwards-retracting landing gear and, later, to have 8 machine guns instead of 4). Design also incorporated 3 notable "firsts":

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