Hispano Ha-200B "Cairo" - (scan - 1984)

Spain's first jet, a trainer, designed by Willy Messerschmitt. This one was built under licence in Egypt, and was gift from Egyptian Air Force.

Designed by Prof. Willy Messerschmitt, head of Hispano Aviacion's design department, as basic trainer and light-attack aircraft. Arrow was first jet aircraft built in Spain. Designed with tandem, rather than side-by-side seating, since pilots would later go on to F-86s, and Spanish Air Force decided was best to accustom them to arrangement of single- seat cockpit. (The basic design permits side-by-side seating if such a modification is desired). 2 engines mounted side-by-side in extreme fuselage nose and fed via common oval air intake with exhaust gases ducted through individual tailpipes exhausting below and just aft of wing's trailing edge. Arrangement resulted in no appreciable asymmetric forces and offered "feel" of single-engine aircraft. Cairos still being flown as general aviation aircraft and are frequently advertised for sale in aviation trade journals.

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