Lockheed P-38J - (scan - donated)

This picture also shows the Franklin PS-2 "Texaco Eaglet" which was flown by Frank Hawks and the Bowlus Baby Albatross overhead.

Note: Anderton notes P-38's shaky beginnings:

"The prototype first flew 27 Jan 39, and was written off hardly two weeks later following a grandstanding transcontinental speed run. First production quantities were for the British, but without the supercharger and with inevitable weight increases, the performance was poor. Deliveries to the USAAC began in June 1941, and by the following April, about 350 were in service but under flight restrictions. Maneuverability was sluggish, especially in rolls, so that a P- 38 was slow to switch from one maneuver to another and slow to break off in combat. Best combat tactics were to bounce the enemy from above at high speed, make one pass through the formation, and climb out."

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