MIG-15 - (scan - donated)

The museum's MIG 15 was acquired in trade for three T-28 Trojans from the Champlin Fighter Museum, which acquired the MIGs in 1985.

Original MiG-15 fighter was production offspring of MiG S or I- 310 and was designed and built with amazing rapidity soon after WWII. Features included fixed leading edge, plain outboard manual ailerons, inboard Fowler flaps, fixed tailplane, levered-suspension landing gear, pressurized cockpit with ejection seat, and armament of 3 large-caliber cannon. Although had some deficiencies and was ineffective above M=.92, was equal of most aircraft. Tandem dual-trainer MiG-15UTI was one of first major variants; for 30 years was standard advanced trainer of Warsaw Pact countries. Some rebuilt from earlier MiG-15s. Some also rebuilt as the MiG- 15bis fighter with variable- incidence tailplane, internal fuel, different weapons, 3 hardpoints under each wing, plus many other changes. The MIG 15 is one of 4 Russian aircraft in collection and the most widely produced jet fighter of early 50s. Air-to-air duels between it and F-86s produced first jet aces of Korean War.

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