MIG-21F (Fishbed-C) - (scan - 1996)

The museum's MiG-21 is a real mystery ship--The USAF gave it to NASM in 1991, but they won't say where they got it! Some writing in arabic was found behind the ejection seat, providing a clue as to its origins.

Developed on basis of experience of air combat in Korea and eventually became most widely used fighter in the world. Initial production version, MiG-21F, Fishbed-A, built only in limited numbers. First series aircraft, -21F, Fishbed-C, was clear-weather fighter with IR air-to-air homing missiles. Some of more important variants--Fishbed D through N--as follows:

The MiG 21 was the most widely-used fighter aircraft of its time; remained in front-line service into 1980s.

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