Republic XP-84 - also - 4 gun ball turret (scan - 1997)

Design originated as far back as 1944 when Alexander Kartveli started to think of a jet version of P-47. Basic design completed before end1944 after long series of experiments with various powerplants. B reached operational units summer 47. Some Bs lost wings at high "q" forces. Traced to deformation of wings' structure caused by addition of tip tanks . Adding fin to aft end of tanks solved problem. (Don Lopez reports flying next to an F-84B which lost a wing and augured in while both were making a high speed pass at low altitude at Eglin AFB.) C changed in structural details. D had stronger airframe and more powerful engines. First model used in Korean War and gave a good account of itself. E had fuselage about 30 cm longer than D. G model developed at request of Tactical Air Command which needed light fighter-bomber able to deliver tactical nuclear weapons; Thunderjet was first single-seater with nuclear capability. F (swept- wing) version went into service 1954 and was named the Thunderstreak. Additional RF-84Fs, called Thunderflash, produced for photo reconnaissance missions.

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