Sikorsky S-43 (JRS-1) Flying Boat - (scan - 1997)

One of two examples of the type remaining. The other was owned by Howard Hughes and used to practice flying for the Spuce Goose. This example is a survivor of attack on Pearl Harbor. BuNo 1063-- transport, target towing, recce. #13 in USN, completed 12 Jul 38, accepted 28 Jul. To VJ-1 3 Aug 38; VJ-1 to Pearl Harbor Jun 40. #1-J-1 was CO's acft. Flew 5.3 hrs 7 Dec, 5.2 hrs 8 Dec, 7.3 hrs 10 Dec, other antisubmarine patrol missions rest of the month. Left VJ-1 5 Sep 42, in CONUS 23 Oct 42. Overhauled, given to Moffett NAS 1943 as VIP acft. Off service 31 Aug 44; to storage Mar 45, later to NACA. 1850 hrs in 1947. Preserved 1948 for NASM.

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