Standard J-1, 1917 - (fully assembled) (scan - 1984)

Designed by Charles H. Day and built originally in 1914 as a WWI military trainer, the Standard J-1 was powered by a 90 horsepower Hall-Scott engine. After the war, many of these and the well known Curtiss JN-4 "Jennies" were sold as military surplus. Some were re-engined with Hispano-Suiza engines by the Nebraska Aircraft Co. and became known popularly as the Hisso Standard. Others were re-engined with Curtis OX-4s. The Hisso Standard was a 3-place aircraft very popular with barnstormers because it enabled them to carry two passengers in the front cockpit on each flight.

The J-1 was one of only a few aircraft models mass produced in US during WWI. Afterwards, as an inexpensive surplus aircraft, widely used by barnstormers. A restored J-1 was used in the movie The Great Waldo Pepper.

This Standard was restored to airworthy condition by Ken D. Hunter, corporate pilot of the Kerr-McGee Oil Co. It was exhibited in the Corporation headquarters for several years until it was given to the NASM in 1964. (Smithsonian caption)

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