Waco 9 - (scan - 1984)

An example of the barnstorming planes of the 1920s, the Waco 9 cost $2500 in 1925 and was powered by a Curtiss OX-5, 90 hp (Smithsonian caption)

Waco began early 1920s as Weaver Aircraft Co. of Lorraine OH. Produced only a few aircraft and was relatively short-lived. 1925, Clayton J. Bruckner and Elwood Junkin, from original company, continued as Advance Aircraft Company of Troy OH--continued to be known as Waco. Market soft because of cheap availability of Jenny and Standard, started to pick up around 1925 when supplies exhausted. Waco shrewdly determined aviation community wants and offered the "Nine" which soon became a favorite with pilots because of its ruggedness, maneuverability, weight carrying capability, and speed. Excellent barnstorming airplane with 2 seats in front cockpit-- double capacity of Jenny; also used in aerial spray business and by early airlines.

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