Westland Lysander - (scan - 1997)

Lysander, or "Lizzie," expressly designed for liaison and army cooperation; was an all-purpose aircraft comparable to Fiesler Storch. Lysanders used initially by RAF as ground support aircraft, but by mid 42, its vulnerability to enemy fighters caused assignment to duties such as target and glider towing, air-sea rescue, and communications. 3 acquired by USAAF, probably for evaluation, and 25 or more assigned to 8th Air Force by RAF for target towing. A number of Mark IIIs modified for transporting agents. Armament removed and a supplementary fuel tank installed to give it endurance of 8 hours; a small metal ladder in fuselage allowed easy access to the cockpit. Probably best known for "cloak and dagger" role--flying agents in and out of German-occupied Europe. Liberal use of flaps and slots allowed slow speed and short takeoff and landing capability which made it well suited for night missions into unprepared fields. 1941-4, Lysander pilots, flying alone, made over 800 clandestine pickups and deliveries in France.

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