Hawker P.1121 Photo Gallery
    Designed by a team headed by Sir Sydney Camm, the Hawker P.1121 was to be a low-level ground attack version of the Hawker P.1116, a development from the P.1103 Interceptor. The P.1121 was a contender for the Canberra replacement although the performance was well below specs (ex: 8 minutes to 50,000 feet, vs 4 minute specified, etc.). Nonetheless, the project went ahead, and a mockup was completed on 21 January 1958. The Duncan Sandys "White Paper" regarding the future of manned aircraft in the RAF was issued on 04 April 1958 but work still continued on the P.1121 prototype slowly. It was about 50% completed when the project was cancelled in late April 1958. The partially completed airframe is said to be still in storage at the museum at RAF Cosford.

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Posted May 3, 2023.