Mil Mi-17 Photo Gallery

Mil Mi-17 Russian Air Force
Mil Mi-17 Bulgaria
Mil MI-17 Mexico
Mil Mi-17 Egypt
Mil MI-16 Bangladesh
Mil Mi-8MTV-5 Russian Air Force
Mil Mi-17 Afghanistan
Afghan National Army soldiers exit an Afghan Air Force Mi-171Sh at the Regional Military Training Center-Kandahar, July 3, 2018. Note the loading ramp in place of the clam-shell doors.

    First introduced in 1975 as the Mi-8M, the Mil Mi-17 is an export version of the Mi-8MT Soviet-designed Russian military helicopter used as a medium transport helicopter, as well as a gunship. The Mi-17 is powered with two larger Klimov TV3-117MT engines, rotors, and transmission developed for the Mi-14. There were also fuselage improvements for heavier loads and for use in high mountains. The Mi-17 has the tail rotor on the port side, whereas the Mi-8 has it on the starboard side as well as dust shields in front of the engine intakes. Approximately 12,000 helicopters have been built and it is operated by 60 countries, including the USA for special operations forces.

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Posted April 22, 2022.