Stout Bushmaster 2000 Photo Gallery

    The Stout Bushmaster 2000 was a small commuter airliner built in the United States in an attempt to revive the Ford Trimotor design. Work began in 1953 by testing a vintage Trimotor and in 1954 Bill Stout purchased the design rights to the original Trimotor. The first Bushmaster, N7501V was assembled in 1966, and is owned by Pleasant Aviation LLC At mid America flight Museum and based at Mt Pleasant Regional Airport near Mount Pleasant, Texas. The second aircraft N750RW was completed January 18, 1985 by Ralph Williams, the President of Hydro-Forming in Long Beach, California. N750RW was written off in an accident at Fullerton Municipal Airport, California on September 25, 2004. Only two aircraft were built.

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Posted April 22, 2022.