The Great 1910 Aerial Tournament
Belmont, New York - USA
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COUNT JACQUES DE LESSEPS AND HIS WINNING BLERIOT. The French airman won the grand prize of the Belmont meet, the Thomas F. Ryan $10,000 for the flight around the Statue of Liberty.

THE GREAT AERIAL TOURNAMENT at Belmont Park, Long Island, (October 22-31, 1910) was an outstanding international event in aviation.

Le Blanc, Latham, De Lesseps, Auburn, Garros, Audemars and others represented France-Grahame White, Radley, Ogilvie, McCardle were among the English fliers participating. Glen Curtiss, Moisant, Armstrong Drexel, Brookins, Coffyn, Hoxsey, Ralph Johnstone, Hamilton, La Chappelle and other skilled pilots flew for America.

The sensational "Statue of Liberty Race" for the Thomas Fortune Ryan $10,000 prize was won by the Count de Lesseps. Claude Grahame-White beat him home, but was disqualified for fouling the initial pylon.

Grahame-White had won the Gordon Bennett $5,000 speed contest, in which Alfred Le Blanc broke every world's record from 5 to 100 kilometers, but crashed at the finish. Johnstone shattered the world's record for altitude by flying to a height of 9,714 feet.

Allan A. Ryan (right, with his two little daughters) as chairman of the Committee was mainly responsible for the great success of the famous International meet.

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