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PO Box 730, Red Hook, NY 12571, USA (845) 835-8121
WORLD WAR 1 AEROPLANES, INC: a tax exempt service organization founded in 1961, devoted to:

  • Those Magnificent Flying Machines of 1900-1919, and 1920-1940
  • Their enthusiasts, including: Builders, Historians, Modellers, Restorers, Museums and Collectors

WW 1 AERO (1900-1919), and SKYWAYS (1920-1940):

our two Journals, which contain:

information on current projects scale modeling material information on paint and color
news of museums and air shows photographs aeroplanes, engines, parts for sale
technical drawings, data historical research PLUS: your wants and disposals
news of current publications of all kinds workshop notes PLUS: more....

we provide:
early technical books and magazines back issues of the two Journals
a worldwide networking service on which to draw assistance in locating parts, engines, aircraft, information.
from a 40-year collection, copies of original drawings and manuals for aircraft and engines 1900-1940.
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World War 1 Aeroplanes, Inc.
PO Box 730, Red Hook, NY 12571
(845) 835-8121
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